Next Generation Advancements

Advanced features require advanced processing.

The Xi3 Computer Architecture allows manufacturers to overcome the prohibitive restrictions of traditional computing design to easily add advanced features to new consumer products.

The technology needed to produce major advancements in the next generation of computers and computer-related products largely exists today.

Unfortunately, the size, speed, cost and design of today's computers make it impractical to incorporate these new features that could provide the advanced functionality that will take computing into the future.

Unfortunately, advanced next generation features already require multiple computer processors that run a wide variety of specific subsystems.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise, that advanced features require advanced processing. This applies to all forms of computing — from personal computers to consumer electronics, and from transportation to appliances, and even to soft goods.

The structural parameters and manufacturing costs associated with redesigning or retooling to incorporate new core processing technology is impractical, especially if such steps are undertaken in order to achieve the benefits offered by more advanced features.

This is why until now it has been unrealistic for product manufacturers to constantly or efficiently incorporate multiple processors, new features and advanced technologies into new computing systems as they became available.

Xi3 Corporation's Xi3® Computer Architecture is pioneering a new structural and electronic standard for quickly creating flexible and adaptable computer designs on a worldwide basis.

Complete with advanced designs in the computer's main circuit board, interface and superior cooling processes, Xi3's unique architecture equips manufacturers with the ability to introduce advanced features into a diverse field of products - right now, today.

Every area of consumer electronics will benefit greatly from the advanced subsystem processing that Xi3 provides.

For example, today's typical dishwasher executes a limited number of fairly basic tasks. This includes streaming hot water at a pre-set amount of time and force dishwasher basin. The expected result is clean dishes.

The problem is that pre-set tasks, which require very little processing power, don't always achieve the desired result. Unclean or spotted dishes are not uncommon, as anyone knows who has ever run a dishwasher.

For example, manufacturers can utilize the Xi3 Computer Architecture to produce the dishwasher of the future -- one that will be able to adjust and manipulate its performance based on the variety of situations it encounters. It will be able to identify, through advanced sensors and processing capabilities, exactly when the dishes are actually clean, modifying its cycle, cooling and drying as appropriate.

Advanced technology will also allow the dishwasher to scan the outgoing rinse water for bacteria, only allowing the cycle to complete when it reaches an acceptable or desired bacteria-killing temperature level. The dishwasher will also integrate with other household appliances and scan the Internet for peak and off-peak times of electrical and water consumption, washing the dishes only at the most economical times.

The technology for these advanced features already exists. Today. Unfortunately, incorporating these features today goes well beyond existing capabilities of current computer and dishwasher designs.

The Xi3 approach to computer design allows manufacturers to easily and economically update their products to included new technology enhancements for improved revenue and profitability opportunities.

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Xi3 Accolades

ACCOLADE: Emerging Vendors 2013: Data Center Vendors

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AWARD: Xi3 Corporation has won two 2012 “Best of State” Medals


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