Xi3 Backplanes

The patented Xi3 Backplanes are the "X Factor" to the Xi3 architecture. Unique connector or interface requirements can easily be customized into the Xi3 Backplane of each Modular Computer to meet specific requirements without the traditional complex system design challenges and cost. Because the Xi3 architecture separates standard system requirements, such as processor and memory, from custom or special application requirements, the Xi3 design approach allows for rapid and inexpensive development of new and innovative technologies.

For example, a medical device manufacturer or distributor can carry multiple computerdriven devices such as x-ray machines, ultrasound devices, etc. However, to inventory these devices for rapid deployment upon receipt of customer orders is costly, especially since a complete computer system, which drives the specific devices, can cost thousands of dollars each. As a result, there has never been a way for multiple types of computer driven devices to share common components . . . until now.

Changing from multiple custom computer systems to one core Xi3 design would allow the manufacturer or distributor to reduce their inventory from complete systems costing thousands of dollars each to merely costs for customized Xi3 Backplanes, one for each application. The manufacturer or distributor would then only have to purchase the "core" or most expensive portion of the device when an order is placed. This innovative approach to product line management can reduce inventory costs in some cases by up to 90%!

Xi3 is the first architecture to separate the Southbridge chip of a chipset solution from the core processor and the Northbridge chipset. This innovative "Southbridge Agnostic" design means that any number of Southbridge chips can easily be developed into a working product regardless of the Processor or Northbridge in the "core" design.

Xi3 News

September 27, 2013:
NEWS RELEASE Xi3 says, "The wait is over" -- Company will Reveal Additional Details about its PISTON Console on Monday, September 30

September 18, 2013:
Information Week: 9 Vendors To Watch At Interop NY 2013

August 25, 2013:
Forbes: Intermountain Healthcare Opens Innovation Center

August 23, 2013:
MedCity News: Intel, Xi3 found Transformation Lab with Intermountain Health to bring new tech to the bedside

August 23, 2013:
Health Data Management: New Tech Lab Launches at Intermountain, More Vendors Welcome


Xi3 Events

October 02, 2013:
Interop New York 2013: Xi3 Showcases Solutions for IT

September 24, 2013:
G2E 2013: Xi3 Showcases Solutions for the Gaming Industry

July 29, 2013:
Campus Technology 2013: Enter to win an Xi3 Modular Computer

June 24, 2013:
ISTE 2013: Xi3 Showcases Solutions for Educators

June 12, 2013:
InfoCOMM 2013: Xi3 Showcases AV Solutions


Xi3 Accolades

ACCOLADE: Emerging Vendors 2013: Data Center Vendors

QUOTE: "Xi3 Brings Style and Substance to the Data Center with FreeForm dataCENT3R Project" via Hot Hardware

QUOTE: In a revelation that will perhaps steal the entire (CES 2013) show -- via Gameranx

QUOTE: Xi3 products seem destined to change the way many people look at their systems -- via The Washington Times

AWARD: Xi3 Corporation has won two 2012 “Best of State” Medals


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